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Achieving Passive Income: Free Webinar to highlight investments that net income with ease

Passive income is a type of income wherein you get to earn with little to no effort needed, a concept contrary to the 9-5 idea most of us are accustomed to in terms of making a living.

There are more ways to earn money than simply relying on the salary that you earn from your job. The dream of many OFWs is to reach a point where they make their money work for them. Fortunately, it has become easier and more accessible for OFWs to gain knowledge and invest in stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, bonds, and more.

To help distinguish facts from myths about earning passive income through investing, a free webinar spearheaded by The Filipino Times titled: TFT USAPANG OFW: Investing for Passive Income will take place this coming October 16, Friday at 12:00 pm UAE time.

OFWs can learn about passive earning through dividends from the webinar’s distinguished speaker, First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation’s Vanessa Galvez, who heads the company’s Product Development and OFW Desk section.

This way, Filipinos will be able to make informed investment decisions, especially as they work towards retirement.


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