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Samalamig sa tag-init: Top Filipino summer coolers to beat the heat

Summertime always calls for a festive mood and delicious cold drinks as well as desserts meant to be enjoyed together with your loved ones.

Here in the UAE, Filipinos continue to savor the flavors of the Philippines with their favorite desserts drenched with top quality evaporated milk, Abevia.

We asked several Filipinos what their favorite ice-cold desserts were, especially when enjoyed together with Abevia’s nutritious, healthy and pocket-friendly milk that adds goodness to life.

Halo-halo. No Filipino dessert listing will ever be complete without the infamous Halo-Halo that’s well-loved by many Filipinos all around the world.

Abevia Evaporated Milk gives each serving of your halo-halo that extra creaminess, milkiness and mouthwatering taste along with benefit of nutrients pouring in to your body with each bite and sip of this iconic Filipino dessert.

Con Yelo Espesyal. Get a mixture of shaved ice, spoonfuls of either corn or bananas, topped with a generous serving of Abevia’s Evaporated Milk, and you’ll now enjoy a delicious glass of Mais or Saging Con Yelo!

Perfect for those who like their deserts simple, but delicious, Abevia Evaporated Milk amplifies the taste of your chosen ingredient by adding deliciously irresistible creaminess.

Ice Scramble. Fond memories of your childhood include Manong Ice Scramble as he scoops a huge serving of flavored pink ice shaving, mixed with milk, chocolate syrup, marshmallows, sprinkles, rice cripsies and other toppings.

Here in the UAE, while there aren’t any street vendors – Filipinos can still enjoy their favorite Ice Scramble by fusing Abevia Evaporated Milk together with shaved ice, a dash of food color, together with all of the ingredients they love to enjoy that milky dessert goodness that will pump up your sweet nostalgia.

Dairy products are considered to be a foundation of health for many cultures. Abevia, Nutridor’s flagship dairy brand, leverages the best of their team’s science and product expertise to provide families with both nutritionally enriched milk products and delicious dairy treats. Add goodness to life with Abevia at your nearest convenience store today. Available at Westzone, Safeer, Al Madina, Kenz and groceries near you.

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