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TFT Summer Bucket List: Must-have gadgets and accessories this summer

One big factor why Filipinos love the summer season is because they get to enjoy fond memories together with their loved ones. These gadgets and must-have accessories will ensure that they capture and immortalize each moment that they will surely cherish for the years to come.

Capture the moment. One of the first things that many Filipinos check in their smartphone is the camera as they simply love taking photos, selfies and creating TikTok videos with their friends and loved ones.

Huawei’s recently launched trendy flagship phone – the Huawei Nova 7 5G’s 64MP AI Quad Camera will capture those crisp and vivid colors of sceneries, bonding moments and videos you’ll surely love to rewatch along the way.

Through the rear and front camera, users can capture the beloved scenes from both sides. Supporting 1080p resolution video, users can switch the rear camera from 1x to 10x zooming in on the details while their own facial expressions are recorded at the same time through the 32MP selfie camera.

Supercharged gadgets. While many Filipinos love using their gadgets all the time, among the challenges that they face is the limited span of time that they get to enjoy using these before the batteries begin to flash that low-batt notification.

However, there’s no need to worry about this any longer as realme recently launched their realme UltraDart Flash Charging solution as their answer to help boost the battery life span of 5G smartphones.

Among the best known features of the realme UltraDART include the optimizing charging technologies to ensure that smartphones will be back from 0 to 33% within three minutes of charging time for smartphones sporting a 4000mAh battery.

Full charge takes a maximum of 20 minutes as the realme UltraDART manages charging speeds to keep the smartphone’s temperature under 40, ensuring the user’s safety and avoiding overcharging and overheating of your phone.

Expanding memory. Filipinos love taking photos and videos of their summer escapades. However, one of the biggest roadblocks is the limit on the number of these media files that you can store in your camera or your phone.

The good news is Toshiba has recently launched their Kioxia brand of sturdy and reliable SSDs and memory cards that would help you capture more memories for all of your gadgets .

Kioxia puts great emphasis on retaining the same excellent quality, performance and reliability standards, that consumers are used to expect from the formerly known Toshiba Memory product line-up. Each product contains a specific color (Light Blue, Magenta, Yellow, Light Gray, Light Green, Orange) which is used to make it highly recognizable and easier than ever for customers to select the right products for their unique applications.

Versatile health monitor. Those who will engage in an active lifestyle together with friends to achieve that summer body can monitor their progress together with the Mi Smart Band 5.

Whatever your workout style, Mi Smart Band 5 has you covered. With 11 exercise modes – including indoor cycling, elliptical, yoga, rowing machine, and jump rope – Mi Smart Band 5 is designed to capture all kinds of workout progress, no matter how one moves.

Beyond fitness, Mi Smart Band 5’s  PPG heart rate sensor is now up to 50% more accurate*, so you can always stay in touch with your cardiac health with more indicative data on your sleep status, stress levels and even monthly  cycles. Additionally, this device gathers all the matrices and outputs a Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) value for users to easily understand their health levels.

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