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Free webinar this August 8 to discuss ways on handling finances responsibly amid crisis

The challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic served as a wake-up call for many Filipinos in the UAE and around the world. They have since explored several ways on how to stretch their budget as they continue to look for ways on how to invest their money towards opportunities that will give the optimal returns in due time.

In line with this, SM Development Corporation (SMDC) will be hosting a free webinar titled: “Finding Opportunities Amidst a Crisis” to help guide Filipinos worldwide on how they can make informed financial decisions with foresight this coming Saturday, August 8, 2020, at 7:00 pm.

Guest speakers include empowered expats Mang Emong and Kuya Jay, together with Gweys Soriano, Founder of Style Curators Dubai. The Filipino Times Awards 2019 New Media Personality of the Year, Nina Carpio will be hosting the webinar over Zoom.

The first of a two-part webinar series this August will tackle different phases of handling money including saving, spending, investing, and giving. Attendees will also get a chance to learn about the current situation of the economy, work uncertainties, and the dynamics behind these events that can help guide your financial decisions.

Filipinos can register for the free webinar here:


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