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‘Dagdag kita sa KAYAKO’: KAYAKO opens opportunities for additional income among Filipinos

Filipinos are known to exhibit their spirit of resilience especially during challenging times. These days, more and more overseas Filipinos have looked for options on earning income and KAYAKO has presented an opportunity to uplift and help Filipinos rise and become more financially stable through their affiliate and influencer programs.

Extra income with affiliate program

KAYAKO, a homegrown Filipino brand of limited edition watches, now opens their affiliate program for all Filipinos who plan to earn extra income through commission. Filipinos who sign up for the platform can get 30% of every sale they make and can also give their customers up to 20% in discounts as well.

“So many of our kabayans have been affected by the pandemic–from salary cuts to losing their jobs. We want to extend a helping hand by giving them an avenue to earn an extra income stream to support them in these difficult times,” said KAYAKO co-owner Jessica Daryanani.

KAYAKO co-owner Jessica Daryanani

All Filipinos who will sign up for the affiliate platform will also get access to KAYAKO’s partner dashboard to monitor their sales revenue and followers’ traffic. KAYAKO will also help all those under their affiliate program by sharing their content on KAYAKO’s platforms.

Filipinos can sign up with KAYAKO’s affiliate program at:

Social media influencers program

KAYAKO has also opened their doors of collaboration with growing social media influencers in the region.

Licensed social media influencers can partner with KAYAKO to become fashion ambassadors to get branded perks including discounts for themselves and their followers, and provide themselves with extra income as well.

“Everybody can be an influencer but choose to be good and a source of empowerment influencer for others,” said KAYAKO co-owner Junie Sorsano.

KAYAKO co-owner Junie Sorsano

Influencers interested in collaborating with KAYAKO can register at:

KAYAKO stems from the Tagalog statement ‘Kaya ko’ that when translated to English means ‘I can do it’ as a way for Filipinos to affirm themselves that they can get things done. KAYAKO believes in the inner resilience and fortitude of Filipinos especially those who have sacrificed their time and presence to head overseas to provide a better life for loved ones back home.

With watch designs that feature symbolic and heroic icons, KAYAKO empowers Filipinos by reminding them of the values and virtues of the past that thrust their lives for the benefit of future generations of Filipinos.


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