EU health agency records more than 200 cases of Monkeypox

The European Union’s Disease Agency said that the number of confirmed cases of Monkeypox worldwide has reached to 219 in outside countries where is it endemic.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said that more than a dozen countries especially from Europe reported at least one case of Monkeypox.

“This is the first time that chains of transmission are reported in Europe without known epidemiological links to West or Central Africa, where this disease is endemic,” the statetment said,

Most of the cases were identified with men. The United Kingdom records majority of the cases with 71, it is followed by Spain with 51 cases and Portugal, 37, Canada has 15 and the United States has nine.

The contagion risk remains low but the public is advised to be more cautious with their sexual partners.

“The clinical presentation is generally described to be mild,” it said, adding that there has been no deaths.

The World Health Organization says that the Monkeypox cases are still in controllable situation.

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