Wearing of masks now mandatory in Iran following surge in COVID-19 deaths

Iran has made wearing of masks mandatory for everyone amid the rising number of daily casualties from coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

In a report by The National, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei released an image of himself wearing a mask to call on the public to do the same in order to alleviate the spread of the disease.
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The country has economically struggled with the spread of the virus as well as the prior sanctions posed by the US after the latter withdraw from Tehran’s nuclear deal. It has also stalled in implementing preventive measures because of religious concerns, with the authorities rejecting the idea of closing shrines for the public.
However, the daily death tolls rose to triple digits by June, and on July 5, it reported 163 COVID-19 fatalities in just one day.
The government, as a result, issue a decree to require everyone to wear a mask—including those riding public transportation, those seeking public services, and even those staying indoors.
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