COVID-19: UAE reports higher number of recoveries (745) vs. new cases (540) for third day in a row

The UAE continues its streak of reporting more recoveries compared to new cases for the third day today, June 7, signifying huge improvements in its fight against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
The country’s Ministry of Health and Protection recently conducted 44,000 COVID-19 tests that led to the discovery of 540 new cases, bringing the total number of confirmed COVID-19 patients to 38,808.

MOHAP also reported one patient who died due to complications from COVID-19, which brings the country’s total death toll to 276.
In addition, the UAE’s health ministry has reported that 745 patients have already fully recovered from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), bringing the total number of recoveries in the country to 21,806.

This brings down the total number of active cases from yesterday’s 16,932 to today’s 16,726 for June 7.

Dr. Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi, the official spokesperson for the UAE Government, said that the government continues its efforts to protect all citizens and residents, and has adopted a series of decisions to alleviate the repercussions of this crisis on various pivotal sectors. This was reflected by the solidarity of the national efforts from day one at all levels to contain them, and the proactive approach to fighting the pandemic as well as expanding the scope of testing nationwide.
Dr. Al Shamsi spoke about fake information and rumours and their role in unjustifiably triggering fear and panic among the public, in addition to chaos, which threatens the safety and stability of society.
She pointed at monitoring some fake news circulated on various social media platforms, in addition to some videos that include COVID-19 related tips and advice from non-specialists, and their predictions about the disease and its containment in the country.
She also called upon all segments of the society to receive news only from official sources and government agencies, as they are the sole sources to follow the latest developments and to follow social media channels of official agencies and accredited media.


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