UAE reveals risk list of chronic diseases for COVID-19

The UAE continues to remind the public to practice safety measures as it has bared the list of chronic diseases that increase the risk of individuals to contract the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
Dr. Farida Al Hosani, spokesperson for the UAE’s health sector, said that those who have diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and diseases related to the heart and respiratory systems should always be mindful of preventive measures as individuals with the aforementioned diseases comprise the majority of the UAE’s critical cases for COVID-19.
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“We’re living a new reality where we have to adopt a new lifestyle. People who are most susceptible to the infection have to take extra care of themselves, namely those suffering from diabetics, hypertension and asthma as well as other respiratory and heart diseases,” said Dr. Al Hosani.
The UAE’s spokesperson for the health sector urged the public to help those with chronic diseases so that they can avoid heading outside their homes where they could possibly expose themselves to the coronavirus.
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“We all must share an individual responsibility toward this segment of society; we have to ensure their compliance with all precautionary measures by providing them with their daily needs to spare them the trouble of getting outdoors,” said Dr. Al Hosani.
Dr. Al Hosani furthered that if those with chronic diseases really need to head outside their homes, they should always be mindful of all necessary precautions: “They have to completely abide by all precautionary measures, including physical distancing norms; not going out; avoiding gatherings; eating healthy food; and practicing sport.”

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