MECO assures freedom of speech not curtailed amid OFW deportation issue

The Phillippine Representative office in Taiwan on Wednesday clarified that freedom of expression of Filipinos in the island nation is not curtailed following the move to deport the Filipina caregiver critical of President Rodrigo Duterte.
Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) apologized to Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry for the statement of a Philippine Labor official who seeks the deportation of a Filipina migrant worker
MECO chairman Angelito Banayo already denied that there was a deportation order for the migrant worker in Yunlin county.
“I’d like to assure the people, you know I’ve been the subject of 6 libel cases in the past… I would be the last person to countenance any curtailment of freedom of expression,” he explained.
Banayo told ANC that a labor official in Manila alerted the labor attaché in Taichung about the caregiver’s social media post against the President.
“Apparently, it was either the labor attaché on his own, unilaterally took action or received directions from home office,” he said.
Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday rebuffed the request to deport the Filipina migrant worker.
The ministry added that “no person or institution, in this case, has the right to pressure her, her employer, or broker, nor shall she be deported without consultations held between both governments.”
Meanwhile, the Filipina migrant worker will meet with Philippine labor officials in Yunlin country to explain the incident.

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