UAE sets bar high in COVID-19 testing with drive-thru mobile test centers

The UAE’s Health Sector has confirmed that the country is one of the leading nations in terms of massive testing for coronavirus disease (COVID-19), with its newly launched drive-thru mobile testing centers all over the country.
In a livestream media briefing held by the UAE government last April 11 via Emirates News Agency (WAM), UAE Health Sector spokeswoman Farida Al Hosani commended the government for its massive testing initiative—including its mobile drive-thru COVID-19 test centers.
The authorities have launched 13 more drive-thru test centers in Abu Dhabi, as well as others in Dubai, Sharjah (also serving Ajman and Umm Al Quawain), Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra. These centers take only five minutes and can accommodate around 600 people daily. Those who get tested will get their results within 48 hours.
The UAE ranks high on the global scale of performing COVID-19 tests. While other countries struggle for more testing kits, the UAE has done over 530,000 tests since the dawn of the disease, screening around 13,000 people per million.
In addition, the UAE has also successfully built the first laboratory in the world—outside China—that can conduct tens of thousands of real time COVID-19 tests per day and approved by the World Health Organization, US Food and Drug Administration, China’s National Medical Products Administration, and Europe’s CE-IVD.
The laboratory in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi is capable of conducting tens of thousands of real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction, RT-PCR, tests per day and is the first in the world of this scale to be operational outside of China.
The Health Sector credited this massive testing initiative to the detection of more cases in the UAE, as well as the increasing number of recovering in the country.
“We have today 13 new mobile drive-thru COVID-19 testing centers, in addition to our existing medical centers which are currently receiving people for tests. We are continuing with our plan to enlarge and expand the scope of testing both for residents and citizens. As of now, we have conducted new 20,000 tests—which have contributed the new cases we have today,” she said.
She added that those who are experiencing symptoms should take it seriously and consult the nearest medical center immediately.
“I would like to say that for people who have high fever, respiratory problems, coughing, please head to the closest medical center. Also, don’t forget to practice social distancing,” Al Hosani said.

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