Scientists believe COVID-19 hits men harder

Scientists reveal that there may be a possibility that coronavirus disease (COVID-19) can have worse effects on men.
The studies from experts, according to a report by The Guardian, show that in highly impacted countries—China, France, Italy, and South Korea—the rate of COVID-19 fatalities in males is about 50 percent higher than in females.
According to the report, experts believe that men could be hit harder by the virus because they are at more risk for life-threatening ailments like heart disease, hypertension, pulmonary problems, and cancer. Having such conditions make one more vulnerable to the disease.
Men are believed to have more health-damaging habits than women, as wellresearchers believe, including smoking and drinking. Studies show that smoking can cause a higher risk in men to contract the virus. The report added that in South Korea, the male smoking rate is the highest in all OECD countries, while the female rate is the lowest.
In addition, scientists also claim behavior to play a part in this rate—such as the frequency of hand washing and hygiene, which is allegedly lower in men.
Experts also look at immune systems as the reason for this theory. One study on mice found that there was a higher death rate in male mice infected with SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) virus than those in female mice. Many researchers believe that men have weaker immune systems as sex hormones trigger a different inflammatory response to pathogens for men and women.
In addition, during the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong, almost 22 percent of men died from the disease, compared with 13.2 percent in women.

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