Kuwait expresses dismay on PH 'eye for an eye' stand on Villavende's case

The Kuwaiti government has expressed its dismay over the remark of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddyboy Locsin that he will only accept the lives of employers of slain Filipina domestic worker Jeanelyn Villavende and rejected the idea of blood money as settlement.
Kuwait News Agency said over the weekend that the government of Kuwait has condemned Locsin’s remarks over Villavende’s employers.
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“THERE WILL BE BLOOD @DFAPHL for Jeanelyn Villavende. I renounce & reject any offer of blood money for her torture/murder. I want two lives for the life they took,” Locsin tweeted.

The Kuwaiti government said that Locsin’s remarks “contained an unacceptable transgression against jurisdictions of Kuwaiti security and judicial authorities and unusual approach in dealing with countries.”
The Kuwait local paper said that the Locsin’s remarks doesn’t adhere to the simplest rules of international relations.
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The Kuwaiti government said that they are now willing to conduct a joint investigation together with Philippine officials to give justice on Villavende’s case.

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  1. so kuwait thinks “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” applies only to them??!!!! HAHAHA

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