Egyptian woman tricked by UAE expat into marriage

An Egyptian woman has filed charges against her Jordanian national husband after he allegedly lied about his identity.
The woman, who was a widow and with four children, filed a lawsuit against him so she could get a divorce in the Sharia court, says a report from Khaleej Times.
According to the woman, she told the court that she had known the accused through regular communication in social media. After some time, the 36-year-old Jordanian proposed to her.
He told the woman that he is an Emirati and owns a big business. He even visited her in Egypt where they tied the knot and then he returned.
However, she later found out that he lied to her about his identity when she approached the consulate for attestation of the marriage certificate. A copy of her husband’s passport was sent via WhatsApp.
The UAE consulate in Cairo declared that the passport of the Jordanian was “forged” and he is “not an Emirati”.
The man was working in the UAE.

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