PH Consulate in HK issues health advisory over viral pneumonia outbreak in China

The Hong Kong Centre for Health of the Department of Health through the Consulate General of the Philippines in Hong Kong has advised Filipinos to observe precautionary measures and maintain personal hygiene to prevent the spread of the still unidentified “viral pneumonia” that hit China. 
In an advisory released on Monday, they have advised those who are travelling outside Hong Kong to avoid touching animals including ‘wild game’ animals, such as a deer, pheasant, partridge, wild duck, wild boar, and other animals from the wild, poultry/birds or their droppings. Authorities discourage even the consumption of game meat.  
They were also advised to avoid wet markets, live poultry, markets or farms and making close contact with patients, especially those with symptoms of acute respiratory inspections. 
They also encourage good personal and environmental hygiene to prevent pneumonia and respiratory tract infection. 
As for those who have acquired fever or cough outside Hong Kong, they advised the wearing of a surgical mask and to seek medical advice at once. 

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