China diagnoses third case of bubonic plague

A third case of bubonic plague was confirmed in China, leading to the quarantine of 28 people in Inner Magnolia.

A hunter was diagnosed with the plague in less than a month, since two cases were recorded.

According to the state-run news agency Xinhua, the unidentified patient was believed to have become infected with the plague after catching and eating a wild rabbit.

Bubonic plague is the more common version of the disease and is rarely transmitted between humans.

A Mongolian couple died with bubonic plague in May. The disease was acquired after the reportedly ate raw kidney of a marmot a local dish according to a CNN report.

The two new patients were diagnosed with pneumonic plague by Chinese doctors in Beijing.

They are now receiving treatment and authorities said that preventive measures were rolled out.

The plague is caused by bacteria and transmitted through flea bites and infected animals.

There are three types of the plague—Bubonic plague causes swollen lymph nodes, while septicemic plague infects the blood and pneumonic plague infects the lungs.

The plague killed around 50 million people of Europe’s population during the 14th century.

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