Catch a taste of the Philippines’ finest seafood with Sarangani Bay Bangus

Bangus (or milkfish) has become one of the Filipino food staples, and is enjoyed in several dishes such as sinigang na bangus, grilled bangus, and fried boneless bangus. This is why many Filipinos here in UAE love Sarangani Bay Bangus as it gives them a taste of the Philippines in a country that they now consider as their second home.

Sarangani Bay has been serving freshness on a plate since 1997, and its impressive product line has already reached the export market and is now available in all leading stores across the UAE as a brand that’s exclusively distributed by Shankar Trading Company (STC).

Among the line of Sarangani Bay Bangus products now STC launched in UAE market is the “Bottled Milkfish in Oil”. Each bottle is packed with thick, soft chunks of baby bangus, freshly harvested then gently simmered in a special Spanish recipe of spices and corn oil. Filipinos and expats can now enjoy in every pack only tender all meat portion – no head or tail sections used as fillers, and it’s available in both Regular and Spicy flavours.

STC believes that the quality attached with Sarangani Bay Bangus products is no accident; it is the result of the commitment a process that brings out the best in milkfish from the time they are grown and harvested from the pristine waters of Southern Mindanao, all the way to how they are processed and transported.

Sarangani Bay Bangus is bred and cultured to perfection by family-run Alsons Aquaculture Corporation, the only fully integrated farm–to–market fish processing operation in the country. It manages its own fish hatchery, company owned and full-scale growership operations and processing plant − all in close proximity to each other. This is why it can offer customers full product traceability and end–to–end quality control, from farm to processing plant and all the way to the kitchen.

All these things working day in and day out continue to help Sarangani Bay attain and maintain a reputation for consistently high-quality packaged seafood products that is well known overseas.

Now Sarangani Bay’s website ‘’ and Facebook page, Kusina Sarangani, has the greatest number of delicious recipes Pinoy could ever imagine that can spring forth from a simple serving of ‘Bangus’. From favorite ‘Sinigang na Bangus’ to the unique dish flavors of the eastern milkfish-filled California Maki, the choices are endless.

After all, by having premium quality milkfish, Filipino’s can share the joy of cooking and all the wonderful memories of home that comes with their favorite Bangus dishes to their friends and family.

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