Sumatran Tiger kills farmer, injures tourist

A Sumatran Tiger reportedly attacked and killed an Indonesian farmer and injured an Indonesian tourist.

ABS-CBN News reported that the tiger mauled the farmer to death at a coffee plantation.

The 57-year-old farmer tried to wrestle with the cat but failed.

Agence France Presse quoted Genman Hasibuan, head of the South Sumatra conservation agency as saying , “The farmer was attacked while he was cutting a tree at his plantation.”

The mauling incident comes after a group of tourists was attacked by a tiger. A tourist was injured after the tiger stormed into his tent.

The Sumatran Tiger remains at large, as of press time. It is also believed to be part of the 15 critically endangered tigers in the area.

Tiger attacks happen when humans try to convert forest land to plantation areas which in turn destroys the habitat of these animals.

Sumatran Tigers are considered to be rare species with only 400 to 500 left in the wild.

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