Two club security guards caught on CCTV assaulting tourist

Two club bodyguards are now facing trial at the Ras Al Khaimah Misdemeanour Court for beating an inebriated tourist at a nightclub.

Records showed that the incident happened after the tourist started creating a commotion in the night club.

The guards beat the tourist and dragged him outside the club on orders of the management.

One of the defendants told the court that he and the other guard did not beat the drunk tourist but only assisted him to get out of the club.

The tourist however resisted and insulted them.

The defendant said the entire incident was recorded by surveillance cameras.

“He even asked us to pay him Dh100,000 as compensation to withdraw the complaint,” the man told the court.

The legal counsel of the victim on the other hand told the court that the guards brought the tourist in the area where there was no CCTV cameras.

The lawyer insisted that the bodyguards assaulted the tourist.

The court said it will issue its ruling soon. (TN)

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