Folded umbrellas now allowed on luggages at NAIA

The Office of Transportation Security of the Transportation Department has announced on Sunday that folded umbrellas will henceforth be allowed on airplanes both as carry-on and check-in baggage.

The OTS said it will be easing the prohibition on bringing folded umbrellas inside airplanes.

“The Office of Transportation Security of the Department of Transportation on Sunday announced it will be easing the prohibition on the carriage of folded umbrellas in cabin and checked baggage,” OTS said on Facebook.

Transport officials clarified that long and cane umbrellas remain to be prohibited for carry-on bags.

Officials previously prohibited some umbrellas due to its sharp and pointed elements.

Transport authorities said that these items could be considered dangerous hence the decision to ban these items previously. (TN)

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  1. my wife accidentally put her folding umbrella in her shoulder bag last August pero kinuha ng nasa Xray personnel bawal daw kc sharp.. juice kuh die samantalang nkabalot sa plastic bawat dulo..

  2. I , for one i left my folding umbrella in terminal 4 because it is prohibited In my own opinion if i have ample time to explain i will assert that folding umbrella cant kill …Im happy to know ultimately they realized that it is not hazardous

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