Two men sentenced to ten years in prison for smuggling heroin in Dubai

Two Pakistani men will soon spend ten years behind bars following the court decision of their trial as they attempted to smuggle heroin in Dubai.

The suspects, aged 31 and 40, landed in Dubai International Airport on March 26 when customs personnel suspected them and approached them to search and do the frisking.

The Emirati senior inspector said the two were ordered to put all their belongings to the x-ray scanner including the shoes where they found out 500g of heroin. Four plastic-wrapped parcels containing drugs were also found in the bag of one suspect and another drugs were also found on the wheels of the wheelchairs used by the suspects, as per a report from The National.

More than two kilograms of heroin were found in the possession of the Pakistanis who were then referred to the anti-narcotics department of Dubai Police.

At court, the two denied having any idea what their bag contained, but the Dubai criminal court found them guilty and sentenced them to ten years in jail and a fine of Dh50,000 each.

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