Man lands in Ras Al Khaimah court over “eavesdropping” charges

An Asian man is on trial in Ras Al Khaimah on charges of eavesdropping on a woman from another Gulf country while she was making a phone call.

The court was told the Asian recorded most of the woman’s conversation and sent it to another woman to translate to him from Arabic to his country’s language.

Newspapers said the unnamed defendant admitted he listened to the woman’s conversation with another woman and decided to record it without her knowledge after he heard his name was mentioned.

They are both civil servants but hardly know each other, Emarat Alyoum daily said.

The woman demanded punishment for the accused in line with the UAE’s IT law.

The man said he did not mean any hard and only wanted to know why his name was mentioned in the conversation.

Article 378 of Federal Law No.(3) of 1987 of the Penal Code as amended by Federal Law No. 34 of 2005 states that: “A punishment of confinement and fine shall be inflicted on any person who attacks the sanctity of individuals’ private or family life by committing any of the following acts in other than the legally permitted cases or without the victim’s consent:
1. Eavesdropping or recording or transmitting by any system of whatever kind, any conversation held at a particular place or via the phone or any other set.
2. Picking up or transmitting by any system of whatever kind, a person’s picture at a particular place. If the acts referred to in the above two cases during a meeting within the hearing or sight of the person attending, their consent shall be required.”

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