Fake cops rob Africans in Dubai

A man from another Gulf country and other accomplices, pretending to be policemen, stormed an apartment in Dubai and robbed nearly Dh551,000 from African tenants but the Gulf man was caught by the real police.

One African said the money belonged to his company, and that he was asked to deposit it in the bank but could not due to bank closure.

He said he took the money home and placed the bag under the bed, adding that the flat was raided by those men pretending to be searching for drugs.

“They then found the money and asked about its origin….I told them it belongs to my company but they took the bag and went out,” he told police.

“When I followed them I noticed that they do not have any police car and were waiting for a taxi… I grabbed the Gulf man with the help of other residents and called the police but the others managed to escape.”

Newspapers said police are searching for the other accomplices, including an African, to arrest them and recover the money.

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