Dragon boat federation advises members to observe safety protocols

Following the recent tragic incident in Boracay where seven paddlers drowned while training, the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation (PDBF) yesterday encouraged dragon boat teams to always observe safety protocol.

In a statement, the PDBF encouraged the use of flotation device not only during training but also during local regattas to avoid such incidents, GMA News Online reported.

The group said it educates its member clubs of proper safety protocols in case of capsizing or sinking of boats.

“The PDBF is committed to ensuring that people, who are doing dragon boat in the Philippines are well equipped with proper information and know-hows in case of water emergencies,” it said.

The PDBF is also offering free services for all dragon boat clubs in the Philippines in the dissemination of water safety protocols on capsizing, sinking and other emergencies.

Interested dragon boat club may reach them through their Facebook page.

Last Wednesday, seven members of the Boracay Dragon Boat Team drowned the 20-seater Dragon Force boat carrying them and 14 others was hit by strong waves.

The incident happened some 300 meters from the shore of Tulubhan Bay in Barangay Manocmanoc.

PDBF expressed their condolences to the families of the paddlers, who were training for an international competition at the time.

“The PDBF, along with its club team members, joins the Boracay dragon boat community in praying for the eternal repose of the souls of the departed dragon boat paddlers and for the immediate recuperation of those in the dragon boat accident this morning,” PDBF said.


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