Trump’s Ukraine link, among issues that triggered impeachment inquiry

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Wednesday the launch of a formal impeachment inquiry on President Donald Trump, Agence France Presse reported.

Among the charges raised against Trump is abuse of power, particularly his move to request from Ukraine to get information on former US Vice President Joe Biden, the lead contender for the Democratic nomination as a presidential candidate.

Trump earlier announced that he would be seeking a reelection.

There also a slew of lawsuits against Trump’s former associates and investigations by Democratic-led congressional committees and by prosecutors in New York.

Among the legal woes facing Trump is the probe of New York prosecutors on illegal pay offs by his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen to buy the silence of two women who claim to have an affair with Trump before he ran for president.

Legal efforts are underway in Congress and New York to obtain his personal income tax returns that he has repeatedly refused to divulge.

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