US state now bans flavored e-cigarettes

The state of New York is the second US state to ban favored electronic cigarettes in the country.

New York health council filed an emergency legislation saying that flavored vaping products could have triggered severe pulmonary disease and have killed at least seven people.

This comes after numerous reports linking e-cigarettes or vaping cause deaths and more harmful than smoking.

Recently, a seventh person has died from a vaping-related illness in the US, health officials have confirmed. The 40-year-old man from California died over the weekend after suffering from “severe” lung disease for several weeks.

Michigan was the first state to ban vaping but the law has yet to be implemented.

President Donald Trump previously said that his administration is mulling to ban e-cigarettes.

New York shops have two weeks to dispose flavored vaping products.

The ban however does not cover menthol or tobacco-flavored vaping products.

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