Isko Moreno wants to build first Islamic cemetery in Manila

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno revealed his plans to construct the city’s first ever Islamic cemetery.

Moreno said his plans as Saudi Ambassador to the Philippines Dr. Abdullah Al Bussairy paid a courtesy visit to the ‘rockstar’ mayor.

“We are now about to build the first Islamic cemetery. Because we have a Chinese cemetery. We have Filipino cemetery. How come we don’t have an Islamic cemetery?” Moreno said.

The city mayor is aware that Muslim residents usually end up buying lands in nearby provinces which have an Islamic cemetery.

Moreno already ordered city officials to look for a lot at the Manila South Cemetery dedicated for Muslim brothers and sisters.

The Saudi Ambassador said he came by the mayor’s office to congratulate him personally. Al Bussairy has been in the Philippines since 2015.

The Ambassador said that there are about a million Filipinos working in Saudi Arabia. The city mayor said that he hopes for opportunities will be given to Filipinos and Manileños.

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