Senator Imee Marcos wears yellow gown during SONA

Senator Imee Marcos, daughter of former president Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled by decree, arrived at the Batasang Pambansa wearing “La Filigrina” gown designed by Mak Tumang.

Tumang on his Instragram post said the gown was inspired from the “Philippine craft and jewelry.”

“The gown is crafted with sunset ombre ‘Solihiya’ inspired fabric, adorned with ‘Gold Tambourine’ swag and medallion” reads Tumang caption on his post.

He added, the gown is “a testament of the ever-relevant challenge for all of us to look beyond political colors.

In a Philippine Star News twitter post, Marcos said she is wearing dominant yellow gown because, “Sawang-sawa na ako sa bangayan ng dilaw at pula sa pulitika.”

(Photo from Imee Marcos facebook)

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