Duterte to gov’t agencies: ‘Kapag di niyo nagawa, patayin ko talaga kayo.’

President Rodrigo Duterte today issued a strong warning against five government agencies to improve their services or face strong sanctions.

In his State Of the Nation Adress (SONA) Duterte threatened to have officials of these agencies executed if they will not improve their services for the people.

“LTO, SSS, BIR, PAGIBIG, LRA are the top 5 agencies that need to drastically improve their services,” Duterte said.

The Chief Executive said they should shape up or face his wrath.

“Simplify just like the others, you can do it electronically. Pag di niyo pa nagawa, papatayin ko na talaga kayo,” Duterte said.

The President also boasted about the working 8888 hotline for complaints against government offices.

“Our ultimate goal is for people to be freed from using this hotline because government service has markedly improved,” Duterte added.

He also advised the people to assert their rights at government offices whose personnel don’t do their jobs right.

“Kapag kayo hiningan more than the required payment by government, I’ve been telling you mag-iskandalo kayo sa opisina. Sampalin mo ‘yan, kasi aabot rin sa akin ‘yan,” the president said.

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