WATCH: 10 injured as violent turbulence rocks Kosovo-Switzerland flight

For many travelers who take flights often, experiencing turbulence while on the air is a common occurrence. However, a recent viral video that showed a violent turbulence shook netizens as they saw how the passengers were thrown about with their belongings scattered during that one pivotal moment.

The ALK flight was enroute from Kosovo to Switzerland just 30 minutes away from landing when the turbulence hit. It was so severe that several passengers crashed into the ceiling and their personal belongings got scattered from the compartment all over to the floor as shown in the video uploaded by passenger Mijreta Basha.

10 passengers out of the 121 onboard were taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Basha shared that one flight attendant who was serving food at the time, slammed her trolley on the ceiling too – that led to a few passengers being scalded by hot water.

As per a report from The Aviation Herald, the turbulence lasted around 20 minutes as the aircraft attempted to avoid a thunderstorm.

Watch the video here:


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