Century Pacific Food maintains strong presence in MENA region

Century Pacific Food has shown continuous growth and has since established its strong presence for more than 20 years in the Middle Eastern region, specifically in the United Arab Emirates where it’s strongly supported by its exclusive distributor, Shankar Trading Company.

Century Tuna has held its position as the number 3 brand next to Al ALALI and California Garden. A market leader for its category in the Philippines with a share of 41%, the popular tuna brand is favored by Filipinos as the product has Omega 3 DHA that is good for the heart, has low cholesterol and has no preservatives.

The brand’s campaign for a healthier lifestyle has been very effective for years now. Being considered as diet food by some, people have been buying the brand because of their goal to lose weight and live healthier. The variants Century Tuna Flakes in Oil and Flakes Hot & Spicy have been the usual favorites. It’s usually being eaten together with rice, bread, salad and even pasta. In U.A.E. it’s always been a favorite of Filipinos because it also reminds them of home. This is also one of the reasons why the brand has increased its consumer base in the Global Market.

555 Sardines has likewise shown increased annual growth with a 38% Compounded Annual Growth Rate for the past 6 years.

555 Sardines has been trusted by many Filipinos for more than 30 years now. 555 stands for “Sarap” and “Sulit” which means that the brand is committed to provide budget conscious consumers with high quality but affordable products which provide a satisfying experience. 555 Sardines is also considered as “Super Ulam Pinoy” because it is rich in calcium (for stronger bones), protein (for muscle building), lycopene (for cancer prevention), iodine and vitamin D.

Aside from the famous Sardines in Tomato Sauce, the brand has also extended to different variants such as Sardines in Spanish Style, in Natural Oil and Fried Sardines which is prepared as deep fried to bring out the crispier and tastier flavor and seasoned with special spices for a delectable taste.

With both brands being successful, there’s no doubt that Century Pacific Food Inc. will continue to deliver the needs of their consumers both locally and internationally.


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