Wemart: Discover Baniyas Square’s hidden gem

DUBAI: Filipinos are known for their “daredevil” culinary preferences that leave Michelin chefs wide-eyed.

Take dinuguan for instance, a hair-raising concoction of a swine’s guts and other entrails prepared with blood.

Or that Filipino delicacy called Kare Kare, originally intestines and tripes in peanut sauce.

Papaitan? Stewed beef entrails prepared with – yes – the animal’s bile for that tongue-biting bitterness.

Balbacua from the central Visayas, where some use goat or mutton hide, fire-blasted and tenderized to perfection through the pressure cooker and prepared with peanut sauce.

Bopis, ground lung and heart prepared really spicy. Sisig? it’s minced grilled swine cheek and ear also prepared spicy.

The list goes on.

Indeed, the Filipinos’ boldness for the exotic is beyond imagination and there’s a new place right in the heart of Deira where they can dig in to a lot of new finds like duck neck prepared to perfection. Or how about taking it to the next level with duck tongue served spicy adobo-style?

All these and more at Wemart, a 24-7 convenience store at Baniyas Square offering everything Asian from noodles to farm fresh vegetables, as well as fresh bake cupcakes and bread (they have their own bakery).

But there’s an interesting twist to Wemart. Their selection includes items rarely found in other stores or supermarkets: Frozen beef tendons for instance that any well-meaning Pinoy foodie would love for kare-kare or even the lowly lugaw (porridge).

There also is a wide selection of Chinese condiments excellent for pancit canton, bihon or lomi.

The bonus to shopping at Wemart is that the eatery where you can have a break and indulge in exotic foodies.

By the way, have we told you they also offer frozen siopao and siomai which start at Dh10 a bag and you can steam for your weekend Netflix marathon?

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