Nag-123: Bus company cancels honesty system after just week of implementation

Local bus operator Green Frog Hybrid Bus Co. was forced to cancel its honesty system for passengers after just a week of implementation, saying that it was extremely disappointed that 30 percent of the riders did not pay their fares.
The bus company, which is the sole operator in the Philippines that uses environmental-friendly hybrid buses, said that it will no longer continue the honesty payment scheme starting March 20, 2019.
The system was implemented on March 11.
Social media users were quick to say that they were not surprised by the failure, saying that the honesty system will not work in the country.
To recall, the Manila Police District also tried to implement a similar scheme but was forced to shut down its honest store due to financial issues and theft.
So far, the only honesty system that stood the test of time was in Batanes. The famous honesty store has been operating since 1995.

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