Snake found inside Emirati family’s vehicle after camping trip

An Emirati family got the shock of their lives when an unwanted hitchhiker, a 2.6-foot venomous snake, greeted them on them on their return from a two-day camping trip in the village of Masafi.

Mohammed Al Hammadi, who was with his wife, five children and other family members inside the car, did not see the “sneaky guest” on their way back to their residence in Abu Dhabi, reported The National.

Al Hammadi said that they were only able to spot the saw-scale viper while unloaded their camping equipment before slithering inside the dashboard of the vehicle through the air vent.

The family then called for help from environmental officials and Abu Dhabi Civil Defense personnel, who has to tear down the inside of the vehicle to capture the snake.

The technician was able to locate the snake inside the car’s AC filter but was already dead due to several cuts on its body, apparently from the vehicle’s engine blades.

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