Husband asks OFW wife to go home after allegedly cheating on him

A distraught man sought the help of journalist Raffy Tulfo to repatriate his wife, who is working as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Oman, who allegedly cheated on him with another man.

As seen in a video uploaded on Raffy Tulfo’s YouTube channel, they first showed photos of the OFW, Maria Teresa Espiritu, together with a Pakistani man who is allegedly her boyfriend.

The husband, name withheld, became emotional as he was talking to his wife over the phone telling her to go home because her alleged infidelity has already affected their children.

However, Espiritu strongly denied the accusations saying that she is not in a relationship with the man in the photos.

She said that the photos were taken a long time ago, and there are people who are only trying to defame her reputation by reuploading them online.

The OFW added that the photos can’t be true because she can’t even leave her employer’s house and she doesn’t have the time to meet other people.

The husband countered and said that Espiritu has not been calling them and that she has also blocked her family on social media.

Tulfo then intervened and presented the pieces of evidence they have which include some social media posts of the OFW containing sweet messages for the Pakistani man.

The video ended with the husband telling his wife that he has sold everything they have just to travel to Manila and appear on Tulfo’s radio show.

It is unclear if the couple’s problem has been resolved.

Watch the video below.

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  1. Why do we have to publicise these matters between husband n wife and ridicule further. They could have settled down or try to be together again for the sake of kids.
    Should avoid taking revenge and belittling others.
    Its very common so don’t destroy the kids and her families reputation. So many gets affected.

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