Businessman handed jailterm for molesting 2 Asian maids in Dubai

The Austrian national who was accused of molesting two Filipina maids in Dubai have been handed a suspended three-month jail sentence.

Two Filipina maids are calling for justice after they were allegedly molested by an Austrian businessman inside his residence in Dubai.

The two claimed that they were molested in separate instances.

The first Filipina maid said she was massaging the 68-year-old Austrian businessman in January when the latter undressed and molested her.

The second maid, meanwhile, claimed she was groped and molested by the businessman while she was giving him a massage in March.

Both of them decided to report the incident to the authorities after successfully recording through a mobile phone another sexual attempt by the Austrian towards one of the maids.

Before the Dubai Court of First Instance, the businessman denied the allegations made by the two Filipina maids.

The court ruling has been appealed.



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