Guard under trial for raping housemaid in Dubai

A Filipina housemaid in Dubai filed a complaint against a security guard who allegedly molested her and threatened to kill her.

According to the Filipina, the security guard opened the gate for her after she went to buy groceries at a nearby supermarket. The security guard then offered to help the Filipina carry the grocery items she bought.

Despite her refusal, the security guard insisted to help her.

At the fourth floor of the building, the security guard began hugging the Filipina and told her to go with him. The security guard also attempted to remove the Filipina’s pants and threatened her life.

The woman was eventually able to break loose and run towards her residence.

Before the Dubai Court of First Instance, the security guard denied the allegations despite his admission to the police prior to the hearing.

Evidence also showed semen traces were found on the Filipina’s clothing which matched the security guard’s DNA. The man could be charged with sexual harassment if proven guilty.

The court will hand down a ruling on December 24.


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