Are you ready for du Tough Mudder?

du Tough Mudder, the world-renowned obstacle course challenge will return to Hamdan Sports Complex for its third consecutive year this weekend and with new challenges designed to test your limits, along with signature returning obstacles, it promises to be a mud-drenched, adrenaline-pumping experience to remember. Registration is still open, so if you want to take on a new challenge this weekend, now is your chance.

Think you needed to train for six months to conquer du Tough Mudder? Think again! du Tough Mudder has been designed to encourage fun, teamwork and camaraderie, allowing Mudders of all abilities even more fun ways to slip, slide and scale their way around the course. All in all, teamwork is necessary in a lot of these obstacles. So, you may not start with a team but you’re going to end up in one! You have no idea what you’re capable of until you try!

With a mix of exciting new challenges and some of the best obstacles from the 2016 and 2017 editions, this edition of du Tough Mudder is promised to be a daunting yet satisfying physical and mental conquest to complete. Some of the challenges along the way include water obstacles, swimming, rope work and dropping into a pool of water.

Possibly one of the most impressive obstacles this year is the ‘Giant A-Hole’, which features a giant A-shaped cargo net that participants and their teams will have to scramble up and over. Also amongst the new challenges added to the course are Shawshanked, where Mudders carve out their own escape, crawling low under barbed wire and shimmying through a culvert pipe before plunging into a 5-feet drop into a pool of water, exactly like in the film; Devil’s Beard – where participants will have to crawl on the ground while being pinned down by a giant cargo net; and Walk The Plan, which involves climbing up platforms that hang over a deep water pit, and plunging to the water below. The new obstacles Kiss of Mud Warfare and Birth Canal Blackout also up the ante for existing challenges, with the former being messier than Kiss of Mud, and the latter adding an element of a total blackout to Birth Canal – definitely not for the faint of heart!

The du Mini Mudder challenge is also returning this weekend bigger and better and will run parallel to du Tough Mudder, with a fun and engaging 1.5k obstacle mud run on a newly designed course for children aged from 7 to 13. du Mini Mudder provides families with the opportunity to experience the muddy fun together; parents can lead by example and take on the du Tough Mudder challenge themselves, inspiring their young ones. In fact, many of the obstacles on the du Tough Mudder course are miniature versions of those the adults will be up against!

The course will be open from 7am-5pm on Friday and Saturday. For more information and to grab a spot to participate this weekend, visit

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