Filipino in Dubai receives 10g of gold for losing weight

A Filipino expat in Dubai received 10 grams of gold after being able to lose 10 kilograms of weight in a span of 30 days.

As a part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, 34-year old Romal Maniyok decided to level up his usual three to five-kilometer walk routine to a ten-kilometer walk per day, reported Manorama Online.

Aside from walking, Maniyok also monitored his diet by only eating non-vegetarian food during weekends and attending free fitness sessions in Dubai.

After a month of strict exercise and diet, Maniyok was able to lose 10 kilograms and was rewarded with 10 grams of gold by the Al Ghurair Center in Deira.

The reward is a part of Al Ghurair Center’s “Lose To Win Gold” challenge wherein participants were asked to participate in the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

Every kilogram lost from a participant’s weight would be rewarded with a gram of gold.

“This competition is not just about winning gold for a short-term commitment towards their health but aims to encourage our community at large to permanently adopt a well-balanced lifestyle,” said Zeinab Badar, marketing head at Al Ghurair Center.

The challenge ended in November with about 9,500 participants.

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