Mandatory insurance to cover mental health of Dubai residents

The mandatory health insurance in Dubai will soon cover mental health treatments of its residents, as well as the rehabilitation of other pressing physical and neurological conditions.

“Mental health is going to be part of the public health strategy. We cannot ignore it as it is important in providing stability to an individual at home and at the workplace,” said Dr. Younis Al Kazim, CEO of the Dubai Health Care Corporation (DHC).

While mental health issues are not yet covered by the current insurance, the official said that the DHC is studying ways to expand health insurance coverage as reported by Gulf News.

The department said they are pushing for a wider insurance coverage to protect patients who suffer from stroke, cancer, or accidents that spend long periods of time inside hospitals, which in turn cause trauma or affect their mental health.

“Many a time patients especially that of stroke require more than a few weeks of rehabilitative care. We are working to include longer period of rehabilitation sessions in the health insurance package,” said Dr. Kazim.

It is mandatory for every Dubai resident to have insurance coverage as of March last year.

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