BI arrests foreigner for using fake visa

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) arrested a foreigner at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) for using a fake visa to leave the country.

According to Grifton Medina, Immigration port operations division (POD) chief, the foreigner, identified as African national Abdul Wahab Issah, used a Canadian visa at the NAIA Terminal 2 on October 21 to be able to leave the country and head to Toronto in Canada, reported The Manila Times.

Medina added that the foreigner also admitted to buying a counterfeit visa for $6,000 or P322,000 from a “syndicate in his country.”

Following the arrest, Issah was held at the BI detention facility for further investigation.

Earlier, BI also deported three foreigners who used fake passports at NAIA to enter the country.

The foreigners, identified as Kiribati national Eliezear Mercy Obiora and Senegalese nationals Jonas Mendy and George Mendy, were placed under Immigration’s blacklist following the arrest.

BI spokesperson Dana Krizia Sandoval said that the investigation of the Immigration’s forensic document laboratory showed that the biographical pages of the foreigners’ passports were altered. Moreover, the foreigners could not explain their purpose for entering the country when interviewed.


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