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Saudi to become one of the countries where people live the longest by 2040

Life expectancy—or the average time that a person may expect to live—is expected to rise up worldwide in 2040, according to a new report from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).

People in Spain are predicted to live the longest in the world by 2040, with a projected lifespan of nearly 85.8 years, beating Japan into second place. The report states that this may be attributed mainly to what people in these countries eat.

Saudi Arabia is among the nations that moved up their rankings, from 61st place to now 43rd in the world. Other countries that got higher rankings include Indonesia (117th to 100th), Nigeria (157th to 123rd), and Portugal (23rd to 5th).

Meanwhile, some countries however declined spots in the ranking such as Canada (from 17th to 27th), Australia (5th to 10th), and North Korea 125th to 153rd).

The report also says that the life expectancy of an individual also determines the health or state of their nations’ healthcare system.

According to its researchers, factors that caused the most premature mortalities in populations were high blood pressure, high blood sugar, cigarette smoking, and use of alcohol.

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