OFW nursing grads top the number of PRC 2018 licensure test examinees

ABU DHABI: It’s common knowledge that UAE, like other OFW destinations around the world, also has hundreds of nursing graduates from the Philippines who have ended up doing admin jobs, even mall shop attendants.

This probably explains why at 302, nursing grads topped this year’s Special Professional Licensure Examinations by the Philippine Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC).

One of the exam takers was Jonalyn Casuga who currently works as a secretary here in the UAE.

Casuga told The Filipino Times she took the exam last December 2013 but was unsuccessful, which was why she aimed to retake the exam to enable her to practice her profession in the UAE.

She said she was planning to enroll but managed to learn about the Free Review conducted by the Filipino Nurses Association in the Emirates (FNAE). “Mr. Joel Hualde of FNAE informed me that they were organizing a free review located in Dubai every Friday. That’s why I took the chance to go there,” said Casuga.

Jonalyn Casuga – Nurse Aspirant

Hualde, FNAE president, said that the free review is one of their programs that aim to assist Nursing hopefuls to advance their careers: “This is one of the programs of the Filipino Nurses Association in Emirates to provide a free review to the aspirants to fulfil their dreams of becoming Registered Nurses. We are now trying to reach them even as far as Al Ain, Dubai and Northern, and the Western Region,” he said.

Casuga shared that the exam was a variation of questions. “It was not really easy. Some questions were difficult, some were not,” Casuga.

Working for over 3 years now as a secretary, Casuga’s real dream is to be a nurse. “My goal for my career is to pursue my chosen field which is nursing. I want to apply what I have studied and develop my skills.”

Should she manage to get her license, she also plans to seek better opportunities and pursue further studies. “I intend to apply for a permanent position and if God wills it, I want to take up Master of Arts in Nursing.”

Neil Bie

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