228 OFWs take PRC licensure exam for teaching license

ABU DHABI: Filipino teachers banded together as they took the recent 2018 Special Professional Licensure Exams by the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) with hopes of getting their teaching license to qualify for better employment opportunities and higher salaries.

Mary Jane Ebana was one of the 228 examinees for this 2018 for teachers and while she’s taking the exam for the second time around, the experience of failure didn’t hinder her from taking the exam once again. “I prepared for the exam by self-review and by having several review materials like books and print outs,” said Ebana.

Mary Jane Ebana

Ebana said that the exam was still challenging as she took it once again, but she managed to answer the questions: “For me, the exam was difficult. I answered the questions with mixed emotions. If I have doubt with my answer I lift it up to Him.”

The Filipino International Teachers Society in the UAE spearheaded several review sessions as well as a pre-board exam to help the examinees get a feel of the actual examinations. Their founder and chairman, Miriam Paglinawan believes that more of the exam takers this year are more prepared and hopes to see them in the oath taking ceremony. “Though may mga repeaters talaga, nakita ko naman na may readiness and preparedness sila. I really have high hopes na maraming makakapasa and we’ll be seeing each other sa oathtaking day this December,” said Paglinawan.

Working in the UAE for 8 years as a kindergarten teacher, Ebana’s main reason for taking the exam was for her family as she hopes to be with them and settle in the Philippines for good. “I want to teach in the Philippines. If I pass the examination, I am planning to go back to the Philippines and practice my profession there.”

Miriam Paglinawan

Paglinawan urges Filipino teachers in the UAE to be persistent in their aim to get their teaching license as it will empower them on their careers: “Para sa kanila while they’re working here, basta try lang ng try mag exam to get the PRC license for teaching until they attain it for them to reach their dreams and goals.”

Neil Bie

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