Why this is the best time to get a UAE tourist visa

It’s that time of the year again. Everyone around you is going on vacation to be with their families. How about you do something different? Like bring the people in your life to Dubai and let them have the experience of a lifetime.

Of course, attaining visas have the tendency to make wallets lighter. But what if we got the whole value of that visa cost back? What if we paid virtually nothing for the UAE visit visa? is giving us that opportunity. Starting today, when we buy a 30-day UAE tourist visa for AED 305 or a 90-day visa for 825 from, we’ll get vouchers worth AED 800 from Jacky’s, Joyalukkas, joi Gifts, Jollibee, The Yellow Chilli and Bafleh Jewellery. UAE’s first premium-experience travel website promises to give its customers the full value of their tourist visa purchase, bringing the cost to virtually nothing.

Here’s the best part: it’s summer. That means there’s less traffic on the roads and fewer people in malls. Add to that the fact that Dubai Summer Surprises is in full swing and you’ll see that this is the best time to bring your family here. Hurry!

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