Expat to spend 3 months in jail after groping woman in her room

A Dubai court found a Pakistani man guilty of sexually harassing a Filipina in her room.

Records from the public prosecution showed that the 30-year-old suspect, who gained entry in the UAE on a visit visa, groped the Filipina complainant when she was alone at her place in Al Barsha, reported Khaleej Times.

The Pakistani man denied such charges but the Court of First Instance found him guilty and sentenced him to three months in jail. He will also be deported after his time in prison.

The Filipina, who works as a paramedic at a medical center, said that she did not know the suspect prior to the incident.

The Filipina recounted that it was around 6:30pm when the defendant arrived at her place and introduced himself as the person in charge for rent.

She added that the Pakistani man had two men and a woman in his company and was showing the rooms to them.

The complainant then said that the suspect came back a few minutes after they left and told her that he liked her and the he wanted to touch her.

The complainant said that she pushed the Pakistani man out after he groped her twice.

“I closed the door and locked it with a key. I sent a message to my colleague via Facebook informing him about what just happened. He later sent another colleague to my place. The latter called the police,” the Filipina said.

After the incident, she gave her statement at the police station saying that she had no idea how the Pakistani man got inside her flat. She added that the Pakistani man touched her intentionally which caused her to feel extremely scared of him.

The complainant’s 27-year-old colleague, who is also a Filipino, confirmed having received a Facebook message from her after the incident.

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