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Turn your visa change into a memorable experience

Running out of time and your tourist visa is about to expire? Don’t fret, there is a simple solution; in fact, there are many. Here are the top 3, when it comes to more fun, less time, and limited budgets.

Armenia – with free accommodation!

What is better than touring one country? Touring two. Instead of going home to apply for a new UAE visa, we suggest our fellow Filipino expats to head over to Armenia, the beautiful Caucasus country, with a historic architecture, and calming nature that soothes the soul. The best part is that you get up to 30-days’ worth of free stay in Armenia, in the City Walk Luxury Hostel located in the capital city of Yerevan. Also, you get a free daily breakfast. So, while you’re waiting for your UAE Visa approval you get to explore the country, knowing that the money you save on accommodation could be spent on all the fun things to do in Armenia. The hostel could arrange to take you on a city tour of Yerevan or even a tour to the famous Lake Sevan. Whatever tour you choose to go on, a guide, some excitement and a lot of fun is guaranteed in an Armenia visa change package.

Oman Exit: A road trip

This is, without a doubt, your cheapest option, and if your new UAE Visa is approved quickly, then it would also be your fastest option. The Oman Visa Change by bus package is a great solution for numerous reasons. One, a bus ticket costs way less than a flight fare. Two, if you are accompanied by a friend, you get to turn it into a fun road trip. Three, the way from UAE to Oman is filled with mountains and some scenes of the desert that you do not get to enjoy in the busy city. And finally, accommodation in Oman is pretty cheap, so in case you need to stay for a couple of days, it would be quite affordable.

Airport to Airport

A-to-A, for short. Availing an airport to airport visa change package is also considered one of the easier solutions. Instead of flying back home, you could just board a short flight to one of the nearby countries, and as your new UAE visa is applied, processed and approved, you just board a plane back to UAE. It does not matter what city you stay is, because you could avail the airport visa change from Sharjah as well as from Dubai. The only uncertainty here is the amount of time you would end up spending at the airport while waiting for your visa. However, with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a food court, what’s there to complain about?

Basic point is that whatever UAE visa change package you choose to go with, you will be able to save both time and money, and possibly have an unforgettable experience.

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