Dito sa UAE, hindi solusyon ang kasal (kung ika’y buntis na).

ABU DHABI: So, you’re in love and got pregnant – but you forgot one thing when you did it: hindi kayo kasal!
Paano na? Unsana??

Labor Attaché Jay Jasper Javines, citing the UAE’s Sharia Law, said pregnancy outside of marriage is punishable by a jail term of six months to a year and deportation.

Some overseas Filipino workers aware of this, had tried to go around the law by getting married after the fact, a Philippine Labor official, told The Filipino Times.

“Nagpakasal sila nung buntis na,” the official, who reportedly handled one particular case, said. “Ang problema, nung manganganak na eh inusisa sa ospital kung kalian nabuntis and then double-checked that with the date of marriage. Nakakulong ngayon yung babae,” the official said. The guy apparently managed to go into hiding.

There was another case, the official said, where the husband and wife, along with the child were sent back home.

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