600 supermarkets in UAE to offer 50% discount next week

The Ministry of Economy announced that around 600 supermarkets in the UAE will be offering discounts of up to 50 per cent for more than 10,000 products during the holy month of Ramadan.

Dr Hashim Al Nuaimi, Director of Consumer Protection at the Ministry said, “The Ministry held several meetings with sales outlets, traders and suppliers during the last period of this year to reach a mechanism of sale.”

He stressed that the goods heavily consumed in the holy month will be available from next week.

The Ministry of Economy also met with suppliers and traders to ensure the sale will be implemented smoothly.

Moreover, an open basket campaign at Union Coop is also being relaunched this year with baskets of 10 to 20 items sold at Dh100 and Dh200 respectively.

Demand for goods during Ramadan season is higher. The holy month will likely fall on May 17.

Source: Al Bayan

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