Egyptian defends PH’s total deployment ban in Kuwait

An Egyptian netizen posted a video online lauding Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to impose deployment ban of OFWs to Kuwait.

Mahmoud Tolba said that the Philippine made the right move to suspend the deployment of Filipino workers to Kuwait because their life in the Gulf state is not as easy as it seems.

“It is time to make everything clear. Filipino workers – they have no right in Kuwait, [they get] low quality service and medicine,” he said in his video.

Tolba also expressed his praise towards Filipino workers by saying they are “clean and hardworking” and that many of them have decent jobs in the United States.

“Some of them are judges; some of them work for the United Nations; some of them are in the army; some of them work in the FBI and immigration centers,” he said.

He also claimed that he holds a lot of evidence proving that OFWs in Kuwait indeed experience abuse from their employer.

“I have a lot of evidence of some Kuwaiti citizens physically and sexually attacking Filipino ladies,” Tolba said.

He also left a message to Kuwaiti citizens saying that they are obliged to take care of their workers.

“If you happen to have a Filipino working for you as a babysitter or a housekeeper, she has the right to dress whatever she wants to dress. She does not have to show that she is working for you; she has to feel justice… she has to take a day off… she has to know the law to protect her,” he said.

The Egyptian netizen also criticized the media for downsizing the rate of abuse and harassment in Kuwait.

“Some media say that only 3% of Filipino workers experience sexual harassment. They are trying to make it sound small but we are actually talking about 3,000 ladies. This is a large number. Even a single attack is not acceptable,” he said.

Tolba also said that the Philippine government, under the leadership of Duterte, is “doing a great job” and urged them to not send OFWs to Kuwait anymore.

For Filipino workers in Kuwait, Tolba said that they should either go back to the Philippines or ask for a raise in their salaries.

“They take from you everything and they are giving you nothing. How much are they giving you every month? 100? 150? 200? Even if it is 500, it is not enough to leave your country, your friends, and your family to go to other countries and work for them,” he said.

One Kuwaiti dinar is currently equivalent to 174 pesos.

“They make a lot of money and they give you nothing,” he added.

Tolba also requested Indonesia, China, and Ethiopia to not send their workers to Kuwait unless they have justice.

He ended the video by expressing his support to the Philippines by saying, “the Philippines is great”.


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